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Drop-in for a consultation with a chiropractor in Bellevue  and see how our team changes lives. We personally tailor treatments to each patient. We do this using the least invasive yet highly-effective practices. Not only do we provide experience providers that have a passion for integrative care, but we also provide a billing and insurance advocate to make sure you are getting the most out of your coverage. Even if you don’t have coverage, we can work with you to make sure to find a treatment plan you can afford.

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OUR MISSION in Bellevue

At Dixon Center for Integrative Health Care, it is our mission to help improve the life and overall whole-body health of each of our patients. We love talking with and educating our patients to prolong their health, decrease chronic conditions, and realign the body’s systems and functionality.

Not only do we offer a variety of treatments and therapies, but we also love educating our patients on how to be their own best advocates. We are firm believers that understanding and finding the root of chronic conditions, pain, and other ailments are the best way to treat the cause, and not symptom, of our health problems. We love our patients like family and want them to be well. Let us help you

The human body has an astonishing natural ability to heal. It is our mission to awaken and nourish this ability through proper alignment, whole-body health, and guidance in nutrition and exercise. Unlike standard Westernized medicine, we treat the body as one complete system, instead of each system individually. We do this by meeting our patients where they are in life and working with them in a trusting and relaxing environment to help them achieve their health, nutrition, and fitness goals.

Many Americans are tired of being sick and tired and most of these people have no idea how good the body is actually designed to feel and function. We encourage our patients to become their own best advocates by helping them get healthy through short and long-term treatment plans, education, guidance, support, and management of chronic ailments. More and more people are starting to voice concerns about wanting healthy options. They desire wellness services, proper food, and nutrition, as well as education and guidance on these topics. At Dixon Center for Integrative Health Care, we have 31 years of experience improving health and lifestyles in the Greater Nashville Area.


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